It’s Christmas time!

It’s always fun to build and decorate a gingerbread house. Whether you buy one already assembled or make your own.
Well me and my son built one with store bought pieces but who new I’d need a degree in engineering to make the thing stand up. I guess much like building a real house your really need to make sure the foundation is dry and solid before building the roof and putting all the pretty stuff on it.
Well be it as it may our roof collapsed and the poor gingerbread men need Holmes on Holmes to come and repair all the mistakes I made!
I guess I won’t be building a real house anytime soon, and anyone in the market for a new house should be really happy!
Happy Holidays



Summer Romance

This summer hasn’t been filled with weddings like usual; we are seeing most of our brides coming up in the fall! But I have done a couple very beautiful brides, including a surprise Monday wedding a week ago! No one even knew they were engaged let alone having a wedding, how exciting! Even the decor was going to be a surprise for the bride with her mom and sister doing it all!!!








Ombré ombré ombré

Summer is in full swing. It’s hot out and we are all glowing with sun kisses on our cheeks. So why wouldn’t we want to have hair like we did when we were wee young things running around with out a care in the world?!
Here are a few more of my summer ombré, freehand painting, before and afters.








Happy birthday to me!

So tomorrow I’ll be an adult. Maybe? Ya maybe this is my year; when I officially feel like an adult! Yes because having my own home and a child does not make me an adult, it’s just, well it’s just life I guess. All I would add to my life right now is travel….. Well money then travel, I think you need money to travel. Maybe your not a grown up until you have enough money to do the things you want to do, who knows. Does anyone feel like an adult out there?
Anyways to the point. Tomorrow is my birthday I will be 26, 4 years to 30! Wowza! And to commemorate becoming an adult I decided to do the most adult thin I know, making something in my life permanent. How better to do that than some fresh ink. So here it is my new tattoo done by my cousin Travis. He’s awesome and has a very light touch which I was thankful for in the end. Didn’t hurt at all till he got to the blue and my skin was a wee bit angry. After it heals I will be going back and getting all the white put in and a few shading touch ups. All in all I’m so happy and he did an amazing job!
He freehanded the drawing right on me and created his own work of art!




Do I need to say more?
Ok I will. Ballayage is one of the most popular color choices for mid to long lengths of hair right now, it’s simple and easy to maintain you can’t go wrong.
This is Emily, she is headed to Scotland, Ireland and London on Saturday so we freshened up her ombré look.



I did hair and makeup for a fundraiser my mom was holding for her friend who has breast cancer, helping her to pay for her medication.
The theme, viva las Vegas. They had the bartender dress as Marylin Monroe.
This was fun to do except Marylin’s hair wouldn’t hold a curl of my life depended in it we ended up opting for something much less marylin than I’d hoped for; but the make up turned out amazing. Here is a before and after for you.



A few more

A few more shots from our photoshoot a few weeks back.